Bikepacking 101

Bikepacking Essentials

Bikepacking Essentials

Bikepacking is a great way to get out for an adventure.

Whether your bikepacking adventure is a multiple day excursion or just an overnighter, there are a few bikepacking essentials that you will need for your bikepacking adventure.

Bikepacking Bike

Aside for yourself the bike is the most important bikepacking essential one will need. What kind of bike? Well that is up to you and should be dictated by what terrain you are going to be riding.

Honestly any bike will do, it just takes some imagination. However there are a number of bikes that are easy to bikepack with. There’s even a whole category of bikepacking bikes in some bike brands catalogs. When it comes to choosing the right bike for your bikepacking adventure it really comes down to if you want a mountain bike or road bike.

Mountain Bike

If your bikepacking adventure take you through the woods

Road Bike

Does your bikepacking adventure include you getting on the East Coast Greenway and taking a 100 mile trek down to Cape Cod for the weekend? If so, a road bike is going to be your best option for this bikepacking adventure.

With the thinner slicker tires of a road bike you will be able to travel farther faster on paved bike paths and roads.

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